Poland. Happy Skyscraper in Karpacz

The smallest traveler in the world has been traveling around the world since 2012. He is photographed next to interesting places, monuments, castles and stadiums. Today he decided to visit Karpacz. It is a small tourist town in the Karkonosze Mountains in Poland

Karpacz – a Polish city for tourists

Karpacz is a mountain resort that boasts both a favorable location and beautiful surroundings. What makes tourists not only from Poland come to visit this city?

Karpacz is a great starting point for trips to the Karkonosze Mountains. The trails leading to Mount Sniezka are the most popular. It is the highest peak in the Czech Republic and at the same time the highest peak in the Giant Mountains.

In winter, holidays in Karpacz are a great option for those who like skiing. There are downhill and cross-country trails here, eagerly visited by lovers of skiing and active recreation.

Wang Temple and other attractions of Karpacz

Karpacz is a popular tourist destination not only in winter. Tourists often start visiting the village with a visit to the Wang Temple. It is a beautiful and mysterious building that came here from distant Norway. It is an interesting souvenir from the Middle Ages, remembering the times of the Vikings.

For people who visit Karpacz with children, the Toy Museum is a great attraction. It is also worth visiting a small museum to learn about the history of tourism in the Karkonosze Mountains. There are also a number of interesting places worth recommending in the vicinity of Karpacz. Wild Waterfall, a water dam on the Łomnica River and the Chojnik Castle.

Good Humor Party and the fastest caricaturist

The world-traveling Happy Skyscraper recently visited Karpacz in Poland. It was photographed next to the famous Wang Temple. Do you know what the Happy Skyscraper is?

It is a symbol and seat of the most cheerful organization in the world – Good Humor Party. It was established in Poland, but it is an organization with a global reach. Where the Happy Skyscraper appears – it gives people smile and joy. So far, he has been photographed in 600 cities, in many countries, on all continents – except Antarctica. The president of the organization is a well-known satirist and event artist, Szczepan Sadurski. He draws cheerful portraits in Poland and other countries. He does it in record time – 100 seconds! That’s why the press in New York wrote that he was one of the fastest caricaturists in the world.

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